Frequently Asked Questions

Air Conditioners cool the space and eliminate excess humidity by passing warm air through the cold condensation coils that are located inside the air handler. Condensation forms on the coils and collects in a catch basin (drain pan). When the condensation mixes with microscopic biological particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and airborne germs (when you cough or sneeze), a thick jelly-like mucous called "Zooglea” starts to form.

Zooglea becomes sticky and gummy as it builds up inside the condensate drain pan & condensate drain line, eventually clogging the PVC pipe causing the AC to either shut down or the drain pan to overflow.

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The iFLO® Smart device connects to your Wi-Fi, identifies your geographic location, and receives weather feed from the weather API to determine the temperature and humidity in the location of your device. This happens upon set up and monitors the weather continuously for spikes in temperature and humidity.

Based upon this information, iFLO® sets up a customized dispense schedule to dispense approximately 6 oz of our proprietary formula every 2 weeks to ensure that your drain pan and drain line are clean and clear. Each 36 oz iFLO® cleaner cartridge will last from 3 to 6 months depending on your temperature and humidity.

iFLO® is the ONLY automated device that can put a cleaning solution directly into your drain pan. Unlike bleach, chlorine tablets, or vinegar which can corrode your A/C parts, the iFLO® cleaner solution is 100% safe and effective and is guaranteed to NEVER damage your A/C.

With iFLO® there is also no need to ever remove the front panel of your A/C to throw in tablets or dangerous chemicals.

Since iFLO® dispenses automatically, whether you’re home, on a trip, or away for an extended period you never have to worry about your A/C clogging again. iFLO® gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

·  The iFLO® app is your installation assistant that walks you through the very simple setup process with step-by-step animated videos.

·  The iFLO® app uses your iPhone® or Android® device to connect the iFLO® smart device to your Wi-Fi. Once connected, iFLO® geolocates and receives live weather updates to know when to dispense the iFLO® cleaning fluid based on your local temperature and humidity.

·  The iFLO® app monitors your device, maintains a log, and notifies you every time your iFLO® dispenses the cleaning solution.

·  The iFLO® app notifies you when the iFLO® cleaner cartridge is low and when you need to replace it with a new one.

·  The iFLO® app can automatically order you a new cleaner cartridge one week before your cartridge is empty so you are always protected.

·  The iFLO® app will authenticate the iFLO® cleaner cartridge by verifying the unique QR code for your iFLO® cleaner cartridge to turn the iFLO® device on.

Installing iFLO® takes less than 5 minutes and is all shown in the easy-to-follow iFLO® app.

1. Download the free iFLO® app.

2. Locate your air handler, peel off the 3M® self-adhesive backing from the bracket and stick it on your air handler.

3. Connect the silicone tube to either the open-access connector or tap the line and insert the drain pan saddle, insert the nozzle to direct the iFLO cleaner into the drain pan.

4. Install the 4 AA batteries included in your kit and connect to your Wi-Fi.

5. Then scan the bottle, insert the cartridge, and you’re done.

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Our iFLO® Kit includes everything you need for easy installation and includes:

  1. iFLO® Smart Device

 2. 36oz iFLO® cleaning cartridge

 3. iFLO® hanger bracket with 3M® self-adhesive back

 4. Open access pipe connector

 5. PVC pipe drill bit & snap on jig

 6. Drain pan saddle with orange insert nozzle

 7. Installation template and cleaning wipe

 8. 4 x AA batteries

  9. Congratulations card with iFLO® app QR code

Yes, the iFLO® cleaner solution is 100% safe. The iFLO® cleaner is a bio-enzymatic cleaning solution that uses enzymes that are biologically engineered to break down Zooglea on a continuous basis for up to 72 hours and flush it out.

Based upon your temperature and humidity, iFLO® sets up a customized dispense schedule to dispense approximately 6 oz of our proprietary formula every 2 weeks to ensure that your drain pan and drain line are clean and clear. Each 36 oz iFLO® cleaner cartridge will last from 3 to 6 months depending on your local temperature and humidity.

You can sign up for a subscription, or purchase directly from our website, or Amazon. You can also have the iFLO app automatically order you another one when your cartridge is on its last dispense, ensuring that you are always protected.

You need one iFLO for each air handler you have in your home or office.

Every iFLO® kit comes with a 90-day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just return it back to us along with proof of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping and handling.

iFLO® also comes with 2-year limited warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Great Innovations, LLC, is not liable for any consequential damages in any way whatsoever for use of misuse of this product. Liability is strictly limited to the replacement of the iFLO product(s) upon receiving proof of purchase made and claim made within the 2-year period.